Replacement Parts

Parts When You Need Them

The harsh and unpredictable New England climate works outdoor power equipment hard. Without the proper maintenance and care, even the highest quality mowers and snow blowers can be rendered useless. We make an effort to stock the parts you need, when you need them. We carry belts, pulleys, carburetors, hydraulic motors, and electric clutches that big box stores don’t bother to keep in stock.

If you require a part outside of our inventory, we’re generally able to secure it for you within one or two business days. For our customers, there’s never a shipping charge for regular parts orders. Because of our close relationship to manufacturers, we’re able to pass on these shipping savings directly to our customers.

Know Your Machinery

Before working with our experts at Perkins, it’s always best to obtain the manufacturer's model and serial number off of the piece of equipment in need of service. In the case of engine parts, it’s best to copy the serial number directly off of the motor itself.

If you’re unsure of where to find a specific model’s serial number, the staff at Perkins is always happy to help. Armed with the correct model and serial numbers, you can rest assured our professionals will match the right replacement part for your equipment.

We carry parts for the following brands: